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29 May 2017

Austrian home textiles label Betten Reiter fills bed clothes with alpine tree wood flakes for better sleep experience

Currently, it's fashion here in Austria to use the aromatic stone pine wood for furniture or flakes for scenting home or as filling of cushions. The trend bases on research results which have shown that stone pine affects sleep positively. The pine species 'Pinus Cembra' (in German called 'Zirbe') is also known as Austrian stone pine and grows in the alps in the height over 1.200 meters.

Austrian home textiles, furniture producer and store chain Betten Reiter presents a 'Zirbe'-collection of cotton bed clothes such as the neck cushion (image above right) or a blanket filled with stone pine flakes as well as a bed made of the healthy wood. Betten Reiter's decision to produce the product range is backed by the Japanese practice 'Forest Bathing' (Shinrin-Yoku) which bases on researches on the positive effects of bio-active substances of trees on the human body and findings of Joanneum Research concerning the measured reduction of heart beats through stone pine during the night which causes a more relaxed night. Additionally, the resin scent of the wood stabilizes the circulation and it's said that people who are sensitive to weather changes will benefit from the stone pine materials in the bed room.

fig.: 'Zirbe' bed and bed clothes by Betten Reiter. Photos: (C) Betten Reiter.

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